First and foremost, to help you find a job by sharing my experience.

And what experience would that be?

I am a former hiring manager (VP-Sales, computer industry) and hired many people.

More importantly, I was a recruiter (headhunter) for 10 years and worked daily with hiring managers. I know what they look for in a potential job candidate.

What will be subjects for the blog?

A variety of topics: how to write a persuasive resume; putting together an effective job hunt campaign; techniques of networking; useful and interesting job hunting articles; answering your questions; handling the interview process; and many more areas.

My web site

I encourage you to visit my web site

It currently contains a 20 page file of employment web sites hyperlinked by employment category. You should find it useful. It will expand over time. It is available to you now and it is free.

That’s it for the moment. There will be at least two posts a week, so stay tuned.

John Holmgren