By:  John Holmgren

Now, there’s advice you wouldn’t expect!

Here’s why I recommend that, from time to time, you take a hike.

Job hunting is probably the toughest, most demanding job you will ever have.

It is, I realize, a difficult, intense and frustration activity.

It requires your focus and concentration to be successful in finding employment.

Also, it can be among the most negative and discouraging experiences of your life.

And yet, it requires that you to keep up your spirits, display confidence and be cheerful continuously to all with whom you come in contact.

Moreover, you have to arrive at an interview fresh, relaxed, ready to tell your story,  answer all questions and be charming and persuasive as well!

I can hear you yell, “ ….. well, never mind what you might yell.

Here’s my pitch.  You can’t do that on a continuous basis!

Never mind that you will go nuts.  Your tension will telegraph to any interviewer.

Result: no job offer.

Answer: take a break!

When it starts to build up in you, and you know the signs, walk away from it.

Recharge. Go to the beach, the mountains, take long walks.  Anything.

Come back refreshed and ready to get in the ring again.  It will pay you big dividends.

Cheers, John

ps: this is not an excuse to be slack in you efforts