By:  John Holmgren

Many of you overlook a major resource that can assist with your job hunting:

Your local library.

You say, “I only went there when I had a school assignment. It wasn’t fun and I had to be there”.

True.  That was then, this is now.  We associate past negatives and try to avoid them in future, like burning fingers on a hot stove.  That’s how we learn.

It’s time to use every advantage, every angle, to get a job!

Here are reasons why you should know people at your local library, and know them very well.

You have to have knowledge of much information for successful job searching.

“And, what would that be?” you ask.

Know every organization in your job category; everyone that can hire you regardless of location – you may have to relocate; know as many in-house hiring managers as possible; know every local organization that can hire you if your target job doesn’t happen, etc.

Do you know every group that can hire you in your commute range?  I doubt it.

If you are a pro-active candidate, there’s responsibility to learn and use information about organizations and people who can solve your situation.

That’s why the library.

Libraries have huge amounts of employment information: industry directories, on-line databases, employment trends, directories of hiring managers.  Too much to deal with.

Overwhelming!  “I don’t need that frustration.  It’s tough enough already!”

The punch line: libraries have “Research Librarians” to help you with that “stuff”. It’s their job to know about and assist you in locating information to help your employment search!

And it’s FREE!

Some libraries offer assistance in writing resumes.  They aren’t as good at it as I am, of course, but they try …..

Use them!