By:  John Holmgren

Wee Willie Keeler, a baseball player, hit singles and retired with a career .341 batting average, 14th best in major league history.  His motto, “Hit ‘em where they ain’t”!

And, so should you.

There are many, many sources of funding for college or vocational education, many highly specialized.

Lists are boring.  However, this is to give you a TINY idea of funding available.  If you are the son / daughter of a longshoreman, there may be funds for you!

The idea is to just get you started looking.  Was your mother Irish?  Could be …..

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  So, get to your library and look around.


Career College & Technology School Databook – schools offering programs that result in occupational certificate / diploma or a technical associate degree

Career Resource Guide to Grants, Scholarships and Other Financial Resources – 2 vol. 800 322-8755

College Student’s Guide to Merit and Other No-Need Funding – for those not qualifying for need based funding but still needing financial assistance

Directory of Financial Aids for Women             

Financial Aid for African Americans                 

Financial Aid for Asian Americans                    

Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans                

Financial Aid for Military Personnel and Their Families – scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants-in-aid                                           

Financial Aid Guide – scholarships & loans for high school students, college under- graduates, graduates and adult learners         

Finding a Job After Fifty – Terry Harty & Karen Kerkstra Harty

Foundation Grants to Individuals                      

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online – available at Charleston, SC main library

Getting Back to Work – everything you need to know to bounce back and get a job after a layoff – Linda K. Rolie

Getting Financial Aid – scholarships, grants, loans & jobs

Government Assistance Almanac – the guide to federal domestic financial and other programs, covering grants, loans, insurance, personal payments and benefits, subsidies, fellowships, scholarships, etc.            

How to Get Money for College – financing your future beyond federal aid

Job Hunter’s Source Book – where to find employment leads and other job search resources

Kaplan Scholarships (for college)                       

Kuder 4 Adults – career guidance for today’s adults – learn about career development

Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans 27th Ed. – a guide to education related financial aid programs for students and professionals – 2 vol.

Scholarships, Grants & Prizes                           

The Foundation Center’s Guide to Grant Seeking on the Web – Kief Schladweiler

Vocational & Technical Schools East