by:  John Holmgren

“Oh, that’s easy to do”, you say sarcastically.

There are lots of rejection notices and blind alleys that come your way while you work at locating the one “Yes!” response.

But staying positive is critically important, especially for interview success.

Here are a few tips on keeping yourself on an even keel emotionally as the negative responses of job hunting mount up.

First and foremost, don’t become isolated!  Be active in seeking support.  Don’t keep your frustration to yourself.

Stay in contact with friends, family, a person in similar circumstances, support groups, religious organizations such as your church or synagog, recruiters, your state employment security representative, clubs, unions, and so forth.

If you can afford it, consider hiring a coach / mentor.

Avoid the mistake of deciding the exact organization and only organization you want to work for.  If you get a rejection notice from that group, the impact on you can be devastating.  Job seeking is not throwing a single dart into the bulls eye.  It is a process; a continuous process.

Make many, many contacts. Pursue many, many employment opportunities.

Networking can help insure against isolation.  As you get out and talk with your contacts, combine networking with contacting.  Attend lots of networking group sessions, the Chambers of Commerce, etc.  It can have the double effect of lifting your spirits as you seek employment.

Keep yourself busy and occupied, not pre-occupied.