The Creation Process

My Resume Creation Process

These are the steps I use to create your resume. It usually takes a week after I receive your information.

The time needed for you to receive a polished and finished resume depends mainly on you, since you must provide the information necessary for me to create it.

Initial consultation, usually by phone, so that I may understand your employment goals, and something about you.

You send me your prior resume or employment narrative. Its only purpose is to provide information. I will create a brand new resume for you.

You receive my client questionnaire and return your reply. Its purpose is to bring me up to date on your current employment and tell me of your accomplishments, achievements, promotions and any awards you have received. In short, how you have made a difference.

I write a first draft of your resume and email it to you.

You add, modify and correct resume entries, which continues until you are satisfied that your resume represents you accurately and positively.

I write a cover letter and thank-you letter and customizing instructions.

A couple of notes:

I write your resume. You interact with me, not a staff.

You and I continue with your resume until it meets with your satisfaction.

I am available throughout the process to clarify and improve your resume and advise on your job hunt campaign as part of the resume package.


" made it an easy process to compile a great resume. John Holmgren and I worked in sync writing my resume. He was very organized and professional in helping me focus on the development stage and objective. I would recommend to a friend or colleague. --Otis

John Holmgren

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