By:  John Holmgren

Below is the organization method I use to write resumes.  They vary a bit, but not very much.  This layout is time tested.  I know it is effective.  Keep everything as simple and easy to read as possible.  However, keep in mind that the words you use are critical.

Header information: standard name, address, phone, email data.

Objective: your career goal as it relates to this specific job. No more that eight words.

Summary: five or six bullets that emphasize your skills relevant to this job.

Work Experience: list organizations from most recent to oldest

name of company / organization, location, dates employed

description of company purpose, size, area covered, number of employees

your title: if several positions, list dates in job in chronological order

bullet entries of your accomplishments, promotions, awards

Education: highest college degree first then subsequent education; don’t list GPA

unless exceptional; include awards, dean’s list, scholarships

Include vocational schooling; include any certifications; include special skills like

foreign language fluency, industry specific software, pilot’s license

Professional / Trade Affiliations: include any organization of whom you are a member

whose focus is relevant to your job search; include officer positions and awards

Do not include references on your resume.  It will only irritate your references.  You will

know when the time is right to offer them.

Include keywords for both human and computer scanning.  For keyword ideas, first

use words from the organization’s job description.  Then go to their web site for more

words they use.  For online assistance, go to:

Unless you are an academic where advanced degrees are crucial or you have just

graduated, put your educational history at the end of the resume.

Cheers, John