By:  John Holmgren

The absolute first thing you have to know about employment recruiters is that they earn their money from their clients, not from candidates.

If you, as a candidate, have a “recruiter” that wants your money, walk away.

Since the recruiter gets paid by the hiring company, that’s where the loyalty lies.  In more blunt terms, you are inventory for the recruiter.

They will not “sell” you!  They look for candidates that match client’s needs.  However, if the recruiter does not know you exist, well …..

The second important thing to know is that recruiters deal, mainly, with their established client organizations.  While they are always seeking new clients, they understand that survival and prosperity depends on keeping that key group happy.

Therefore, you should use more than one recruiting agency.  It is highly unlikely that your resume will be submitted to the same hiring company.  And, if it does?  It merely makes you a more desirable candidate!

So, how do you find the right “headhunter”?  Easily.

I suggest that you Google:      “recruiter directories”, or “temporary recruiters”

You will find a bunch of leads to follow.  In fact, there may be so many that you will have to narrow the search by adding “Charleston, SC” to the search argument, or whatever your city.

I can’t speak for all the online / offline publications, but the better ones cross-reference a number of things, including industry and geography.

I have had good performance with the Kennedy’s “RedBook”, however, there is no shortage of reference material.

Obviously, if you are a member of a specific industry that has trade publications, that is prime territory for you.

For executive positions, be sure to let the appropriate venture capital (VC) firms know of your availability.  As you know, they have huge influence on executive appointments.

I’ll think of more later.  John