By:  John Holmgren

I am going to do my best to bore you!  Bet I succeed…

You want to be seen as “Professional”.   You must be thorough.  Image is everything.

This means keeping records.  How boring!  So is job hunting, but rewarding.

You say you’ll call on a specific date, send an interesting article or whatever;  you MUST do it, and on time.

The mantra:  avoid doing foolish things that will eliminate you.

You owe to your job hunt fool-proof organizational means of recording contacts, progress and follow-up activities.  Memory and bits of paper just don’t do it.  Your system must tell you of daily, weekly, etc. activity.

Later, I offer sources for usually free software to help with this.

Select one of the databases.  Record all contacts, exact names / title / company name / address / main phone / direct phone / fax / web site / email / other key contacts.

Tedious?  In my recruiting days, many hiring managers eliminated candidates who didn’t care enough to be precisely accurate.

Store data about your “target” employment organizations here, e.g., financial results, position in their field, competition, etc.  When the interview is scheduled, you will be ready with substantial, useful and impressive information.

As you add contacts, note their source.  “Charles at ABC gave me your name …”.  A personal link is invaluable.

Pre-interview, note your interviewer questions about the organization / position / requirements / responsibilities / reporting structure; anything that shows you know about the organization.  Like a Boy Scout, “Be Prepared”.

After contact / interview, make database notes and the next logical step.

These are database software sources.  Just a start.  There are many.  Usually free.  Understand, I make no recommendations, have no contact with any, or shoulder any legal responsibilities for their performance!  Also, this list is in no preferred order.

You are on your own.  Have I made that clear?

EQUMS My Edition – Enquiry Management System


LifeManager software.html

There are many, many more that can help you.  Google “lead management” software.

You’ll get the idea.  John