For Recruiters

I Can help You Make More Placements!

  • More interviews mean more placements, therefore more revenue
  • I know you get many terribly written, difficult candidate resumes
  • I successfully “fix” (rewrite) poor resumes
  • A clean, persuasive resume is a positive image; it greatly improves the likelihood of an interview

Here’s How

  • Have me, not you, rewrite the more terrible resumes
  • Spend your time getting revenue, not rewriting poor resumes
  • Instead, locate new clients and keep existing clients satisfied

These Are the Key Issues

  • I cost you nothing; your candidate, only $245
  • You have control. I will work completely through you
  • I have successfully “fixed” many hundreds of resumes
  • References are available
  • You get fast rewrite turn-around
  • I am not competition. I am assistance
  • I write the resume. It is not farmed out

Action Plan

  • For the full story and my credentials click here
  • Try my resume service. It magnifies your time


John Holmgren



" made it an easy process to compile a great resume. John Holmgren and I worked in sync writing my resume. He was very organized and professional in helping me focus on the development stage and objective. I would recommend to a friend or colleague. --Otis

John Holmgren

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