By John Holmgren –

I’m writing an ebook to help people looking for work plan their campaign.

If you’ve tuned in here before, you know that I’m an ex VP-Sales and former

owner of a recruiting agency (headhunter).

I know that people out of work and out of their comfort zone, get anxious.

Not sure of what to do next.  Not a good state of mind in looking for a job.

The purpose of the ebook is to provide a plan to maximize the chance of

getting work.  There are 7 chapters (at the moment).  What follows is the

outline of chapter 1.  The premise: you can’t solve a problem you haven’t defined.

Hope it helps.

Chapter 1 – The 7 Step Roadmap to Finding a Job

Step 1 – Write a Job Description, which must include:

What do I want to do?

  • Define the position you want; list other alternatives
  • With what sort of organization do I want to work
  • What are jobs that I have liked where I have had success
  • Do I want full time, part time or contract work
  • In what industry do I want to work
  • Do my qualifications match that industry’s requirements – check online profiles
  • Do I need more education to reach that goal
  • How much money do I have to make
  • Will I make compromises in money and my job title

Where do I want to work?

  • With a local organization, or will I relocate
  • Do I know all firms in a commute area that can hire me; define the total marketplace
  • Will I target a specific industry or take the first opportunity that comes along
  • Will I take a position with less responsibility / money than my prior job

What personal issues will effect my decision?

  • Do I work well alone or am I better working with people
  • Do I understand my strongest skills
  • Do I understand my less skilled / less motivated areas
  • What motivates me
  • What do I not want to do
  • What are my favorite things to do

It’s easier to get a job if you have a job; you’re emotionally stronger