Career Transition Resume

Is your career in transition? Do some of these sound familiar?

Transition Issues:

  • I want more opportunity for advancement and a clear career path
  • Want a position with more responsibility and authority
  • Want to make better and more effective use of my skills
  • Interested in changing career or industry
  • Out-processing from the military and want a civilian position
  • Company is down-sizing or changing its focus
  • Stuck under a glass ceiling
  • Need help finding potential employers

Resume Issues:

  • Want the most professional resume possible – need a pro
  • Need a resume that will get me positive attention
  • Not getting interviews with my current resume
  • Need a resume that will include key words effectively
  • Have lots of experience – but my resume is too long and rambling
  • Problem stating my skills and accomplishments persuasively – and briefly
  • Don’t know what is required in a contemporary resume
  • Need help with a job campaign to locate my next position

The Solution

  • John Holmgren,
  • Former VP from the computer industry, where I hired people
  • Former owner of a recruiting agency, where I placed people
  • 10 years of working with human resources, so I know how it works
  • 5 Star top rating with Google Reviews for quality of resume service provided

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