2011 Student Financing Guide

By: John Holmgren    TheExpertResumeWriter.com I offer this without comment and certainly without endorsement. However, one must trace down all leads for educational financing. Hope it works for you ….. The 2010-2011 Student Financing Guide is your source for information on financial aid programs in your state, including… Scholarships and Grants Tuition Reduction and Waivers Continue Reading »

Resume: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

By: John Holmgren    TheExpertResumeWriter.com Everybody knows the acronym KISS.  So, why do so few follow it? I have said previously in this blog a few things that are critical to resume success: Information on your resume “above the fold” on page 1 is critical The reader of your resume: * will spend only 30 seconds to Continue Reading »

Why Are You Here?

By:    John Holmgren    TheExpertResumeWriter.com When I went to work for IBM many years ago as an entry-level sales representative, my fellow trainees had to develop and present a 30 second answer to the question, asked by a prospective customer, “Why are you here?” It was the best advice and training I ever received, from a Continue Reading »

Ask me questions

by:  John Holmgren     TheExpertResumeWriter.com If you follow this site you must know that my prime purpose is to assist people in finding work.  I have been putting out “information” that has seemed relevant to me.  However, that is only from my prospective. So, I ask you for questions on topics / issues that Continue Reading »