by:  John Holmgren

If you follow this site you must know that my prime purpose is to assist people in finding work.  I have been putting out “information” that has seemed relevant to me.  However, that is only from my prospective.

So, I ask you for questions on topics / issues that are important to you.

I promise to give as straight an answer as I can, within the scope of my knowledge, or do my best to research the topic to get you a competent opinion.

Respond with any questions on your mind.  You will not be identified.  Issues that are difficult for you are not unique.  Let’s share them.  Perhaps we will all benefit.

I’m willing to help with the research to locate  information that will help in the job search.

Your turn to participate!

Let’s share.  We can all learn of effective methods of finding new or more satisfying employment.