Put Your Burdens Down – For A While

By:  John Holmgren    TheExpertResumeWriter.com I received this story recently and want to share it with you.  The message is hard to do, especially under duress, but is entirely true.  Here it is: A woman confidently walked around the room, leading and explaining stress management to an audience.  She raised a glass of water.  Everyone knew Continue Reading »

Resume: customize for a specific job – here’s how

By:  John Holmgren   TheExpertResumeWriter.com I discussed resume customizing in a blog of December 27, 2010: “Resume: customize to emphasize your appropriate job skills”. It’s on this web site on the blog page.  Click “Resumes” in Categories.  Scroll down. It says to customize the resume for specific job requirements.  Why?  Because you’ll be eliminated if you Continue Reading »

Resume Organization

By:  John Holmgren    TheExpertResumeWriter.com Below is the organization method I use to write resumes.  They vary a bit, but not very much.  This layout is time tested.  I know it is effective.  Keep everything as simple and easy to read as possible.  However, keep in mind that the words you use are critical. Header information: Continue Reading »

Outbound Networking – creating a net of contacts that can help you find work

By:  John Holmgren    TheExpertResumeWriter.com “MAN!  I have to have a job!  Someone said that Networking helps.  I’ll try it.” Networking is critical!  Statistics show 70%+ of the best jobs come from word-of-mouth recommendation: In other words, networking.  Friends help friends. However, when thinking about networking, most folks will tell a few people they think won’t Continue Reading »

How to Measure Your Achievements

By: Joyce Lain Kennedy, Tribune Media Services Dear Joyce: You advise readers to “quantity” on their resume what they do.  I’m a call center employee working from home. I can’t quantify.  I answer customers’ questions and resolve their issues. Now what? — M.T. Actually, you may be able to state impressive measurable performance indicators. Don’t Continue Reading »