Why Are You Here?

By:    John Holmgren    TheExpertResumeWriter.com When I went to work for IBM many years ago as an entry-level sales representative, my fellow trainees had to develop and present a 30 second answer to the question, asked by a prospective customer, “Why are you here?” It was the best advice and training I ever received, from a Continue Reading »

Ask me questions

by:  John Holmgren     TheExpertResumeWriter.com If you follow this site you must know that my prime purpose is to assist people in finding work.  I have been putting out “information” that has seemed relevant to me.  However, that is only from my prospective. So, I ask you for questions on topics / issues that Continue Reading »

Training Sources and Finance Assistance

By:  John Holmgren     TheExpertResumeWriter.com Wee Willie Keeler, a baseball player, hit singles and retired with a career .341 batting average, 14th best in major league history.  His motto, “Hit ‘em where they ain’t”! And, so should you. There are many, many sources of funding for college or vocational education, many highly specialized. Lists are boring.  Continue Reading »


Please go to www.CraigsList.com to get a detailed overview of my resume service. You will find my information in the “Writers” category. It will show my qualifications to write your resume. Please email, call or fax with any questions or comments.  Also, include any suggestions to improve the web site. Call 843 442-9348, or call Continue Reading »

Job Hunting Campaign Basics

By:  TheExpertResumeWriter.com One of the most devastating life events for any person is the loss of employment. But you already know that! While I help my clients with effective resume preparation, my experience as a hiring executive and professional recruiter can help you in your job search. These are some of the very basic ideas Continue Reading »

USNews Online Education Link Information

  There is a wealth of information available online about colleges, grad schools and education funding including scholarships, grants and loans. Go to:    www.usnews.com/education and look around. Remember that if your goal is to learn a trade at a community college or technical school, in most cases the funding options apply equally to you.