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Financing Your New Skill Training – U.S. Government Source

By:  John Holmgren

There are many, many reasons that learning a new skill is critical to your success.  It is true that, for many, it is the most likely path to quality employment.

Whether you need to learn a skill to establish a career or your job went away and you must learn another trade, that means training, and training schools are expensive!

A source of educational funding is the U.S. Department of Education.  Each year more than $150 billion is available in federal aid for students who qualify.

This is a quote from their document, “Federal Student Aid at a Glance 2010 – 12”.  Federal student aid comes from the federal government – specifically, the U.S. Department of Education.  It’s money that helps a student pay for education expenses at a postsecondary school (e.g., college, vocational school, graduate school).

Federal student aid covers such expenses as tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation.  Aid also can help pay for a computer and for dependent care.”

Find the U.S. Department of Education at  Look for “Funding” and you will be taken to  It will provide you with much more information.

To apply for federal student aid, complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  On the web go to  Fill out the application or download a PDF.  For further aid call 1-800-433-3243.

You will find a wealth of information about the program.  Start with “Your Federal Student Loans – Learn the basics and Manage Your Debt”.  Order at

Student Aid on the Web




Occupational Outlook 


That’s just a sampling of what’s available.  Good Luck!

Resume: customize for a specific job – here’s how

By:  John Holmgren

I discussed resume customizing in a blog of December 27, 2010:

“Resume: customize to emphasize your appropriate job skills”.

It’s on this web site on the blog page.  Click “Resumes” in Categories.  Scroll down.

It says to customize the resume for specific job requirements.  Why?  Because you’ll be eliminated if you mail the same version to a list of potential employers.  It will stand out in exactly the wrong way.

An example is a person, like most, with multiple skills, qualified for (a) outside sales, (b) inside sales, (c) customer service or (d) sales administrator.

Obviously, the same resume cannot be submitted.  However, a different version isn’t needed.  Emphasize different experience in the “Objective” and “Summary” like these examples for (a), (b), (c) and (d) above.

(a) A Position as an Outside Sales Representative


  • Demonstrated ability to identify and close new and profitable accounts
  • Consistent history of retaining and growing the customer base
  • Recognized by customers as a product application consultant
  • Multiple award winning and top ranked sales representative
  • Ability to convey complex concepts clearly and quickly

(b) A Position as an Inside Sales Representative


  • Record of fulfilling customer requirements through fast response
  • Ability to multitask needs and demands of a large customer base
  • Excellent product knowledge with detailed understanding of applications
  • Outstanding customer service resulting in high account retention
  • Work equally effectively alone or in a team environment

(c) A Position as a Customer Service Representative


  • Experienced and qualified to manage needs of a large customer base
  • Ability to learn customer buying patterns and anticipate requirements
  • History of developing close customer relationships reducing turnover
  • Record of creating customized customer services that generate loyalty
  • Acknowledged by customers as provider of excellent and consistent service

(d) A Position as a Sales Administrator


  • Detailed knowledge of customer activity and reporting requirements
  • Outstanding ability to build close customer relations to easily resolve issues
  • Provide effective and timely liaison between customer and company
  • Work efficiently with sales, billing and logistics to assure customer satisfaction
  • Excellent communication ability with customers, staff and management